Sarang by the brook is a private property & home and we would like our guests to enjoy the environment here and be as comfortable as possible whilst adhering to the spirit and beauty of the private home as a retreat.

  General House Rules

Respectful Noise Level
We encourage you to enjoy the peace and quiet here where the jungle makes the most noise. There are others enjoying the quiet as well, so your cooperation is much appreciated.
2) Respect the Cleanliness
All refuse must be disposed of in bins provided that are clearly marked. All rooms are non-smoking rooms. We provide you with a balcony/patio for you to smoke. Please help reduce our carbon footprint by turning off lights and heaters not in use to reduce the energy consumption of the property.

3) Safety Always
Please do not run near the swimming pool. We do not have a lifeguard. The safety of all users of the swimming pool under your care is solely your responsibility. Please refrain from climbing trees, walls and fences around the property. Your safety and those of your dependants are your responsibility.

4) Respect Nature
We are living amidst the jungle. Please share our respect for nature by not harming any creatures large or small. If there are any creatures that you want to remove and are unable to do it, please let us know and we will do it for you.

5) Swimming Pool Attire
Please wear proper swimming attire when using the pool.

6) Maximum Occupancy
Maximum occupancy is 32 Adults. Any extra persons will have to be agreed upon with the management, and will be subjected to a charge of RM50 per person.
7) Cars Parked Only at Designated Area
There is an area designated for your car. However, please note that we are not responsible for the safety and security of the car.
8) Gates are Locked
Access gates are usually locked and opened only for arriving and departing guests. Please get us to open the doors for you.

9) All Guests are By Invite Only
All visitors are our guests only. Do not extend this courtesy to others doing day trips or short trips. We will refuse entry for non booked-in guests.
10) All Day Beverage Station
We provide a beverage station for your enjoyment. Please enjoy it whilst ensuring it's general cleanliness.
11) BBQ
You have an option of self catered or catered. We insist STRICTLY on Halal meats only. Please talk to us about our catered BBQ service. We will have all the necessary equipment for you to enjoy a pleasant cookout.
12) Pets
As much as we love animals, we do not allow pets on the premises for the general comfort of all guests.



All rooms are non-smoking. If you need to light up, there's the balcony and we supply the ashtrays as well.

2) Please do not eat in the rooms. Ants in the rooms are not our friends.

3) The books are for your reading pleasure. If you feel like you really want that book, do as us. We are nice that way. Do not "accidentally" borrow it, please.

4) If anything in the room is not working properly, do tell us and we will fix it for you. Please do not attempt to be a Mr or Ms. DIY.

5) Please remove all your towels upon check out. Damp towels makes for foul smells. Yucks.

6) Please help us save the world by switching off the air conditioning if you are not in the room for an extended period of time.
7) Please keep the windows close at all times. Open windows means insects as your room mates. Unless you are feeling lonely of course.
8) We do not wear our shoes in the rooms. Please don't do the same.

9) Please switch off all lights & electrical appliances when the room is not in use. Again, it's all about saving the world, bit by bit.
10) Please do not dispose food & drink items in the room bins. It will attract ants.
11) Please do not flush away all lady "items" in the toilet. It's just going to clog things up.


  Kitchen & Dining Area

Please wash, dry & return all utensils, cutleries, diningware etc after use. Oily & dirty kitchens belong to the unkempt. We are better than that, surely.

2) Everything in the kitchen is for your use during your stay with us. Except for the top rung in the fridge. Thats's where I keep my stash of goodies.

3) If you are using the pots & pans, do wash it quickly as there may be others wanting to use them.

4) Don't forget to dry them before returning them to the cupboards.

5) Please return the empty water bottles to the kitchen so that we can refill them for your drinking pleasure.
6) Please use the correct rubbish bins to dispose ofyour rubbish. Do not dispose food items in the room bins.
7) Please dispose cans & bottles & plastic bottles in the recycle bin after you have drained its contents. Help us do our bit to minimise our carbon footprint.

8) We practice a communal living concept. All common areas are to be shared with other guests as well, so be nice. Everyone is nice.
9) If you happen to break anything in the kitchen, do tell us. We are reasonable people.



You see the beautiful floats out in the pool? We encourage you to be gentle with them. They break easily. As such, we do require you to make a RM100 safety deposit as assurance that you will not break them through rough play. We will return the money to you upon check out. Hope you understand.

2) Please do not dive into the pool. It's only 4 feet deep. You are way taller than that.

3) Children must be supervised by adult at all times in the pool. Sarang by the brook and its management will not be liable for any injuries occurred while you play in the pool.

4) Please do not run near the pool. It is exceptionally slippery especially when the the floors are wet in the cafe area.

5) Please do not pee in the pool. It's a salt water pool, the colour will change and we will know when you do.
6) Please do not drink in the pool. A broken glass in the pool is hours of headaches for us.
7) Please do not eat in the pool. There is only so much our state-of-the-art filtration system can do.

8) If you are drunk, don't swim. We don't need your sick in the pool. Please think of the children.
9) We encourage you to wear the latest swim wear staight out of the summer collection 2017 when using the pool. Failing that, at the very least, no jeans please.
10) Do have a quick shower before entering the pool. The open shower is there is there for a reason.


  Terms and Conditions for Booking

Check in time is after 2pm. Check out is 12 noon.
Rates are based on per night stay & is quoted as nett price.
Additional mattresses on the floor are chargeable at RM20 per mattress per night.
Day-trippers (friends and family members who comes along BUT are not overnight guests) are strictly not allowed.
All rooms come with local breakfast.
We require a full payment for the room upon your booking to consider it as booked. Please refer to our booking procedure for bookings.
For cancellation, change of dates, liability, please refer to the following:


Cancellation Policy
Booking cancellation request/notification via email MUST be made at least fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date, with 20% of the total rate of your booking as cancellation fees applying (+6% for payment via paypal/credit card. Transfer charges applies for international transfer). No refund will be made for booking cancellation request/notification less than fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date.

Change of Date Policy

Change of date request/notification via email made at least fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date incurs a 20% fee of the total rate of your booking as administrative fees applied.

Change of date request/notification via email made less than fourteen (14) full days before the scheduled check-in date incurs a 50% fee of the total rate of your booking as administrative fees applied. Change of date is subjected to availability always.

Primal Resorts Sdn Bhd, Sarang by the brook & Primal Creations do not accept any liability for failure to provide the service contracted or any of them due to circumstances beyond our control.

Primal Resorts Sdn Bhd, Sarang by the brook & Primal Creations are not in a position to guarantee Guest's safety against events including but not limited to accidents, personal injury, death, acts or defaults caused by third parties, acts of God, flood, theft or even acts of negligence. All activities have inherent risks to health and safety and Primal Resorts Sdn Bhd, Sarang by the brook & Primal Creations will not be responsible for any eventualities related to any activities or services booked.

All vehicles are parked at owners' risk. Primal Resorts Sdn Bhd, Sarang by the brook & Primal Creations will not be responsible for theft or damage of the vehicle or any of its contents.

Primal Resorts Sdn Bhd, Sarang by the brook & Primal Creations will not be responsible for loss or damage of property left in Guest's room and/or the Primal Resorts Sdn Bhd, Sarang by the brook & Primal Creations property during Guest's stay. Guests are advised to obtain insurance to cover curtailment, and loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injuries and money/valuable belongings.


  Booking Payment

Currently, we only accept payments in cash. And we require a full payment to confirm your stay. The following are the bank in details:

Direct Bank Transfer :
Account Name
Primal Creations
Account Number
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Swift Code